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Are You

  • Connected to life?

  • Living a life that makes you feel alive?

  • Filled self-confidences & self-worth?

  • Feeling powerless or empowered?

  • Stressed, anxious or depressed? 

  • Lost? Have you lost sight of you?

  • Stuck? In need of motivation?

  • In need of clarity and direction

  • Ready to heal the hurts of the past and move forward?

You want someone to talk to who will listen? I Will.

When you feel sad, hurt, stressed, frustrated, your body feels sad and unloved too; your heart is closed off from life. The mind and the heart need to work together as one. The intelligence of the human heart is the medium of soul, expressing itself through emotions and wisdom. Craziness comes when you try to be somewhere other than where you are, when you turn against your soul’s intention. Strategies include opening the heart, stilling the mind and centering in the body with clear attention.

How do you connect to your world?

Do you feel connected to living in the joy of the moment with so much love and presence that your cup overflows? Are living in a state of grace and have connection to all life creating a unified energy field that attracts what you give your attention too, appearing right before your very eyes.  It’s amazing, like your inner world and outer world is being reflected simultaneously in that very moment and your reality is creating that this very second.  This is what it means to be alive, in touch with your inner most being and loving the dream. Everything you touch turns into reality.  Your life is in your hands with the touch of your fingertips…



Certified Master Wellness Coach.  Holistic Health Counselling.  Flower Essence Therapy.  Advanced Diploma of Naturopathy, Nutritional Medicine & Western Herbal Medicine.  Diploma in Facial Reflexology.  Member of National Herbalists Assocation of Australia.

I am Glenda Middlemiss & this is my story

I have been practicing Holistic Wellness Coach since 2014. I am a qualified Naturopath & Herbalist, Plant Spirit Communicator, Wellness Coach & Flower Essence Practitioner. I coach with a deep passion to inspire others to reach their potential.


My passion for coaching began with the realization that I was responsible for all the choices I made, I felt empowered. I had ownership of everything I did, felt, thought and perceived. I loved the possibly that I was in charge of my life and could facilitate others to do the same.

My personal journey of Healing took place in many forms and this is where I felt I needed to explore what I was about. This took me on an explorative journey of loving myself, going deeper, getting in touch with emotions and releasing stuck thoughts and beliefs.  The healing came to me in things I made, I needed to put all the emotions into something, to create a sense of beauty, a story in what I wrote, painted, mosaic pieces which I gave away as gifts, working with clay and music. Colour has always been a great source of comfort, teaching me insight I found that an inner world opened up for me, of feeling into my soul and being in touch with spirit, sharing heart space, singing my song and integrity with mother earth. Sensing into the wisdom of my body I connected to my external environment.  I had an amazing experience while studying plant spirit communication that changed my life forever. I noted I was lucid day dreaming and that the external reality was demonstrating answers to me in nature while I was exploring my inner world and having a conversation with plant  all at the same time.   I had tapped into the energy of grace and life itself.