Life coaching educates and employs holistic coaching & counselling skills addressing lifestyle factors, strategies to assist emotional and mental wellbeing supporting your true nature in nurturing mind, body and spirit. It is important that you play an active role in your health care that gives you empowerment to make informed choices in the management of your own health and independent care.

My purpose is to work with people to find their voice, uplift their hearts; express themselves with confidence building loving and nurturing communities.


I believe we are perfect just as we are, once we accept that we begin to build trust and belief.  Self-confidence comes from an inner knowing that we have got this, no matter what happens, we have the power inside us to do anything we want.  Power comes from believing in the knowing and trusting you.


What’s involved?

Journeying and meditation, mindfulness, self-awareness, felt sense, journaling, role play, coaching and counselling exploring sensory awareness, feeling into the natural environment and colour through creative art expression.

In between you will reflect on what has been discussed and delve into your soul sanctuary for answers.


Appointment times can be arranged outside of office hours when needed. 

Consultations can be done online or in person.
All questionnaire forms emailed prior to first consultation.

Each consultation is about an hour.

Consultation fees vary between $80.00 & $90.00


Payment method

Pay by cash, BSB and eftpos.