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Plant Spirit Healing

In Plant spirit healing we connect to the frequency of the plant through heart felt resonance bringing back lost parts of ourselves to our true nature.

We see that plants like human beings are a reflection of a greater whole, in this being so; we see similar characteristics and personalities.

When a person comes in for plant healing we look at their situation.  With the assistant of the plants and helpers; animal totems and elementals help to reveal a bigger picture

Through journeying and working with plant spirit healing techniques we feel into what is happening and look to discover underlying causes.

The tools and insights learnt from journeying and coaching are implemented back into daily life.  The world that we live in is really alive, it’s just that we don’t see it that way unless we are open to it.  There are many signs posts trying to get our attention. We need to be aware of them otherwise we will miss what spirit is telling us.  Plant spirit leads to a place of awakening


Some of the Plant spirit strategies include chakra balancing, cleansing with plants, journeying, soul retrievals and counselling.


What you get out of it

A relationship is developed with spirit during our work together

Take home plant spirit essence of the plant that is revealed for you and you work with it over the time

Each session runs for about an hour

Look at spending between 4 to 6 sessions, spaced apart for allowing healing to take place.

Access to messenger and email for support

Journal for writing, drawing, art and observation –  and interpretation

Cost $90.00 an hour

Long distance healing is available via Skype, email or mobile phone. I also offer services in person and we will go through the process together.