Explore Healing Through the Awareness of the Senses Colour, Sound & Aromatherapy


About Explore Healing Through the Awareness of the Senses Colour, Sound & Aromatherapy

  • people healing their emotions through sound, colour and essential oils

  • Finding your heart connection

  • Creative activities

  • Sensory awareness & inner listening with self

  • Healing of lost connection  and bring long lasting change in what holds you back  e.g. loss, anxiety, stress & overwhelm


The Aim:

  • Discovering your authentic self and personal expression

  • An open heart and mind appreciating the stillness and heartfelt connection in all things.

  • Use your creativity to explore and unlock lost connection of self

  • Developing  wellbeing and trust

  • Explore intuition & innate wisdom through communicating with your senses through movement and sound

  • Learn outer and inner sensory awareness otherwise known as deeper listening

  • You will reconnect to find what is truthful and has meaning

  • Follow your heart

  • Feel empowered and enhance personal power for any situation


Activities include:

  1. Active meditation

  2. Soul dancing and movement – feeling into the body through the emotions and toning

  3. Colour/aromatherapy – making essential oil blends – finding your charka note

  4. Body art wisdom


Arne Emeritus professor from OlsoUni said “What is needed is Community therapies healing our relationships to the wildest community that of all living beings. By acknowledging our interconnectiveness we invite the spontaneous of psyche”.


Extensions of class for people wanting more information & the coaching session structure.

Please contact Soulecez via contact page for more information. 

  1. Tuning into the land

  2. Feel your heart with the earth heart

  3. What’s your story?

  4. Where are you now?

  5. Changing perspective

  6. What’s really happening?

  7. Healing the hurts of the past

  8. Empowering the warrior self who you really are or building a sense of self

  9. Bring the soul part back

  10. Where do you belong?