Flower Essences Counselling

During the initial consultation the issue or challenge is made very specific before any selection is made.  Once the issue is made quite clear, the client selects three flower essence cards. We see what relevance these have both in positive and negative aspects of the person’ life.  Aspects are questioned to reveal their true meaning and work through any challengers that arise.  By delving into the pictures of the flowers and their colours, intuitively a connection can be felt that resonates strongly.  This is the message the flowers pass on to view a different prospective.  Flowers like some herbs represent the doctrine of signatures.   Each flower has a healing message, this message helps us to open our hearts to deal with blocks, change our thinking or direction.  For example borage is a pale blue flower, the colour of pale blue can mean sadness and it can mean peace and solitude as well. Borage is usually selected when someone lacks courage from facing too much disappointment or a sadden heart.  One of my favourites is magnolia, in both herb and flower essences it is given for shock, when you are unable to connect with yourself.  Magnolia is also a childlike innocence essences representing feeling safe in the world, protected, needing calm and peace. 


Flower essences work on the physical, mental and emotional level filtering back to relieve the state of mind in which caused it, likened to peeling an onion back in layers. 

My own experience has taught me that they help us to see a different prospective liking to creating a window of opportunity or breathe of fresh air in another wise challenging situation.  While taking flower essences it good to keep a diary, record mental imprints, self-talk, behaviours and emotional patterning.  Through observation and journaling, thoughts, perspectives, how you feel and insights are recorded to reveal patterns that need addressing.  Challenging thoughts and behaviour are bought into the light to be worked on. 



  • Physical disorders e.g. pain, tension and stress

  • Increase vibration and clear energy fields and balance meridians

  • Negative states of mind e.g. obsessive thoughts, worry, being too hard on ones selves, angry, controlling and many more.

  • Grief and deep hurt

  • Objective decision making

  • Permission for  self-awareness, self-acceptance, acknowledgement and self-responsibility

  • Space

  • Heartfelt courage, knowing how to work within your own boundaries

  • Revitalising, uplifting, invigorating

  • Empathy – separating your stuff from other peoples

    • People needing boundaries, emotional support and healing



  • Oral dosages

  • Floral acu-points, floral Acupressure

  • Topical application in massages, compresses  and creams

  • Baths

  • Sprays

  • Meditation


How long for

It is recommended essences to be taken for six weeks, no more than 5 essences to a 25ml bottle or 21 drops added.  If the problem is physical then more doses are required.  At first they are taken often and gradually taken as needed.  This is healing work so it is very important to take the time to be mindful and give yourself the space you need required for healing.


In practice flower essences are given to support sensitive souls who need to know where they stand and provide strength when their going gets tough.


Each session runs for about an hour

Flower essence made from selection

Journal and reflection work

Cost $80.00